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Hella provide a complete range of marine and automotive lighting products engineered for safety, reliability and high performance. Some of the product lines include, attractive and ultra power saving LED navigation lamps, a full range of Deck Floodlights, Interior Lamps, LED Courtesy Lamps, LED Interior Lamps, Bulb Navigation Lamps and a wide range of accessories.

HELLA HAS THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE BUSINESS, 5 YEARS - refer to Hella warranty policy for further details

Hella Marine LED Technology
Hella marine LED (Light Emitting Diode) navigation lamps, interior lamps and courtesy lamps provide power saving, highly visible and ultra durable lighting for reliability and safety at sea.

Benefits of LED lighting technology:

  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
    Combining efficient LED light sources with advanced optic technology, Hella marine LED products deliver more light output per watt than traditional bulb lamps and thus provide considerable power saving. Hella marine NaviLED®PRO navigation lamps use less than 10% of the power required to run a 25W incandescent bulb navigation lamp certified to the same visible distance.
  • No bulbs, No maintenance. Ultra long service life
    Hella marine LED technology has no filaments to break, thus making the LED lamps extremely shock and vibration resistant for reliable illumination and safety. Our engineering team has developed a unique range of highly demanding tests to lift product reliability to new standards.
  • Safe and highly visible
    Advanced LED navigation lamp optics deliver optimal horizontal and vertical light distribution according to international standards. They provide enhanced visibility compared to bulb navigation lamps. Cut-off angles are ultra precise, clearly indicating a vessel’s movement and heading.
  • Fully sealed for life
    Each Hella marine LED lamp is a completely sealed opto electronic device. Proven design, precision engineering, and the use of high impact acrylic materials ensures superior resistance to water, impact, UV and general wear and tear.
  • Pre-wired with marine cable
    Hella marine LED lamps are pre-wired with quality marine specification tinned cable. The cable is completely sealed to the lamp body providing time saving at installation and reliable electrical connection.
  • MultivoltTM technology for durability and safety
    Advanced MultivoltTM circuitry provides a uniform level of intensity for reliable and safe illumination across a range of DC inputs such as 8-28 volts or 9-33 volts. MultivoltTM LED lamps can be connected to 12 or 24 volt systems without modification, providing full light performance and automatic compensation for low battery voltages and voltage drop over long cables and connections. Hella marine MultivoltTM LED lamps are also reverse polarity, spike and over voltage protected for enhanced durability even under severe voltage fluctuations.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    All Hella marine LED products are electronic devices. Their electrical circuits contain components that suppress possible interference, both emission as well as susceptibility to immissions, to the limits prescribed in international standards

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